Founded in 2022 by Jaeson Ma (Stampede Ventures, 88rising) and Eric Tu (Vice, Anonymous Content), EST Studios represents all genres of Asian content in the international marketplace in search of the Greatest Stories Never Told. In addition to worldwide sales and distribution, EST Studios will partner with the most exciting Asian talents to develop, finance, and produce the next big global film/TV phenomenon. The company is looking at an annual slate of 15 projects that they will be financing, producing, and representing for sales across the major global film markets (EFM/AFM/Cannes). 

EST Studios' sales titles include Kongkiat Komesiri’s new thriller DELIVERY MAN, Fantasia-bound Korean action film MASH VILLE, horror thriller CHABAK, No.1 on Netflix Korea, produced by the legendary Tiger Yeongseop Kim; the Cantonese-language thriller TAPE, based on Richard Linklater's Sundance film; Emmy-award winning director Jessica Q. Chen’s documentary SURF NATION; and producing titles like K-POPS!, directed by Grammy winner Anderson Paak.